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I have a 2005 golden tee complete fore home edition arcade game & the monitor is going dark.  I went to a local arcade store & they said it would be $600 for a new one.  I was reading on line where you can buy a conversion kit from games partsmart to make it into a modern looking game.  they show cutting the cabinet down & taking out the old monitor.  my question is how do I know the game will support a new monitor type tv.  right mow there is a plastic clip w/ red, green, blue, black & white wires on it plugged into the exist monitor.  I would assume I would need a vga cable from new monitor to this plastic plug but I don't know how or if that will work.  thx

Gday Jeff,

It is really simple to replace a older style monitor with a VGA compatible TV or computer Screen.

You need a RGB/CGA/EGA/YUV to VGA board (Buy them on Ebay for about $30-$40) and VGA compatible monitor (Buy something that will fit into your cabinet).  The Little plastic plug with the red, green, blue, black & white wires plug to the is board (As well as usually wiring in a 5V power Wire) and then a VGA cable go to the monitor.

You need to know a bit of Woodworking skills to mount the new monitor in the cabinet.  You should be able to open the CPO (Pannel with the track ball) from the coin door and the old monitor can be taken out the from of the cabinet.

Hope this helps.


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