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Hi, I have been debating about purchasing a Golden Tee machine lately.  I found a good deal and am interested in purchasing it.  I have went and looked at the machine, and the cabinet has some wear but nothing major.  I have a couple concerns however.  The game has been sitting in a persons garage in Dayton, OH for over a year and has been thru the cold and hot conditions that the seasons bring here.  I also was curious as to how you ship a machine of such.  It would only be coming about 10-15 miles, but my concern is how to load it and package it or strap it.  Can you share any knowledge of these things?  Also, although i went and looked at the machine, i dont really know how to determine if everything is good in the machine or not.  Do you have any tips on what I should look out for? (This is a Golden Tee Fore) Thanks for your time!  Rob

Hi Rob,

Transporting a game is a LOT easier than you'd think! I've transported hundreds of games in my life.

The cold and hot conditions will not affect a game. Be 100% sure that it is warm though before you power it up. Cold causes condensation, and water and electricity don't mix. Transporting the game in a truck is as easy as laying it on it's back and driving it home. It does not require any special packing. Do be sure that anything inside that may be loose gets secured before transit.

When looking at a Golden Tee, there are quite a few typical things that go wrong with them. The first is the trackball. Make sure that it rolls smoothly and registers in all directions. Put the game into test mode and check functionality. Make sure all buttons work, the monitor looks good, etc.

Also make sure that the power supply is clean and quiet, as well as the hard drive. The hard drive will fail soon if it's noisy!

Hope this helps. Gold Tee machines are a dime a dozen- don't overpay!


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