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I have an arcade game.  The screen comes on and gives the "rug" pattern but then just goes to a distorted picture.  I tried using the diagnostic but it wont come on.  Just keeps going through the same as above giving one loud tone each time it finishes.  If it is the video board where can I get it fixed.
I am in NJ

It's very likely that you've got a power supply issue that is easily fixed. Look at the power supply (small VHS-sized box with wires, a knob and red or green LED on it) With the power off, turn the knob clockwise about 1/3 of a turn. Power the game back up and see if this takes care of the problem.


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I can answer questions regarding coin-operated arcade game questions down to the logic board. Error codes, erratic operation, dead boards, I can help with them all. I can help with video monitors on a very limited and basic level only.


I have spent nearly 20 years as an avid arcade collector, and spent nearly 10 of those years as the lead tech for a large arcade operator, doing work for manufacturers and other coin-operated amusement companies around the globe. I maintain a good sized collection of arcade games, as well as a large inventory of spare parts for a wide range of arcade machines.

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