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Thank u first of all for helping people with their problems that can not be solved without help. I own and operate an HVAC & Appliance company for 15 years now. I am pretty good with boards but know very little about tube monitors. I just purchased my first arcade game (PAC-man-plus up-right) for $150 worth of AC repairs. I wanted something to be able to restore with my 9 year old & thought this would be great project for ous both to learn something. Before I paid for the unit I plugged it in and the screen was just showing a bunch of squares with some color. I saw a little board ( Z- 80 sync buss controller(285) ) lying on the bottom of the cabinet.  I plugged the buss board in to it's spot on the logic board. When I plugged the up-right back in it came on and was working great. The monitor colors looked great. We carefully loaded it up and drove home.we then carefully put it in position at my home. When I pluged the up-right in the screen was just white. The game board  is original and needs  a little work,  as does the cabinet and a couple other small issues. To my slight knowlage everything is original and in good shape (a little dusty) for being 31 yrs old. If there inte any suggestions of thoughts good or bad  me and my son would be grateful to learn and educate him on what something other than a x-box look like inside. Matt

Glad to see a great father son project! This shouldn't be too hard to get up and running again since it was working recently. Check both of the daughter boards and make sure they are oriented the same way all of the other chips. Look at the indented side of each of the chips and that orientation should match the chips that are on the board. Make sure all legs are in the socket as well. If that doesn't fix anything, check the fuses at the bottom of the cabinet. There's several that can blow and cause what you're seeing. Let me know if you need more help!


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