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QUESTION: I have a Williams electronics 1981 stargate game and I have a error code of 1-3-2. By looking at the other answers you have I thought it was my ram 32. I cleaned the tips with a eraser and its still giving me the same error code. I'm I doing something wrong or is it bad?....

ANSWER: It sounds like the chip is indeed bad. You can verify this by switching it with another chip. The error code should change as the chip is moved to different slots.

Luckily these chips are inexpensive, so ordering a replacement shouldn't be too bad. It's always good to have some spares on hand for those Williams games!

Let me know what you find out.

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QUESTION: K I ordered some of them rams so I will  change it when they come in. I did notice some corrosion on the middle terminal where the AA battery goes. The other 2 look fine. What's the best way to clean that? The batteries are out. Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: The easiest way to remove te corrosion is to use an old toothbrush with white vinegar. It will neutralize it and it'll come off easily.

Good luck!

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QUESTION: K first I cleaned all the corrosion off the battery terminals and replaced all the rams that were bad. It keeps giving me 1-3-6 code and I have put 3 different ones in and they are brand new. Sometimes it is giving me a F 0 1 code...what's that mean?

It sounds like you may have a power supply that is putting out a little low power. If you're handy with a multimeter, check the voltage at the board. You should be readying +5.1VDC at least on the 5V line. If not, that will cause those issues.

You can purchase a modern power supply that plugs directly into the harness for about $30. I would recommend this!


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