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Brian my 1996 Cruisin world as been acting up latelly.  When you first boot it up it goes through its motion and recently I see that I get all green lights when it checks the CPU except U24 which is red.  Is this normall.  The problem my kids are having is that you hit the start button and it wont work majority of the times, is it a bad contact switch on the start button or is it because of the U24???  appreciate any input

Hi Paulo,

No, that is not normal behavior for the machine! Something is wrong with U24, but I don't think that it has anything to do with the start button not working. I would recommend pulling the button and cleaning or replacing the microswitch on that button. That should take care of that problem.

U24 is likely a graphics ROM, so unless you're seeing any problems, you can disregard it.

Hope this helps!


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