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QUESTION: Good morning. I own a Capcom Bowling game. Today I noticed the entire screen has converged into a single line of video on the monitor. Its basically a 1 inch line of video down the monitor with just nothing on either side. You can see the details of the Capcom logo, etc. Its like all the output video was converged into a line on the screen. I am not even sure where to begin resolving this issue. Can you give me any direction or assistance? Thank you so very much!!!!

ANSWER: Hi Chris,

Could you please post a picture of the monitor chassis/board? If it's the model that i'm thinking of, there should be two boards that are perpendicular to the main chassis, and when one of them gets loose, it will cause the symptom that you're describing.

Do you leave the game on all the time, or just turn it on when you want to play?


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Capcom Monitor
Capcom Monitor  

Capcom Underneath
Capcom Underneath  
QUESTION: Thank you for your response Brian. Attached are a few images of the problem I am having as well as underneath the machine.

I do not tend to leave it on. It can be off for months at a time. However recently I have had an issue with the track ball on one of the sides not working properly so I had to take it apart to try and fix. Since then I have left the machine on, maybe for 2 weeks.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you again for your advice.


Ok, thanks! It's not the monitor that I thought it was, but it's very possible that it's a loose connection. Does the display change at all if you wiggle any of the connectors? Monitors of that age tend to get cold solder joints, and that causes loss of deflection (the line in the middle of the screen).

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