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Video Game Repair/2005 golden tee screen


Thank you for taking the time to read 2005 GT fore monitor glitches to high brightness then back to normal and becomes difficult to play. Any ideas where to begin looking for trouble?
Thank you for any help.

Hi Richard,

There could be a couple of reasons that it's doing this-

1) There is a bad connection on the monitor adjustment board: There should be a small board that is connected to a long cable the runs from the monitor and has all of the adjustments on it (brightness, contrast, V and H hold, etc) Make sure that the board is secured to the cabinet and tightly plugged in to the cable. This is the more preferable of the issues!

2) The high voltage unit is starting to go bad: This is not what you want to have happening. If this is the case, the screen will go nearly white. The only fix for this is to find someone who is qualified to work on monitors and have them either repair or replace the chassis. You could also purchase a new monitor for the game.

Hope this helps!

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