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I have updated my goldent tee 2005 to a golden tee complete with a compact flash drive.  The game boots and you can play just fine.  The problem occurs if you hit the machine too hard, the game will freeze or if the machine is vibrated to hard the screen goes black.  Personally I think it has something to do with the compact adapter or the flash drive.  Can eather of those go bad?  Or do you think I have a problem some where else?

Thanks in advance for your help

Green motherboard

It sounds to me like you've got a loose connection somewhere. These games were certainly not made to move around during operation, as evidenced by the original mechanical hard drive.

I would first start looking at how the flash drive is mounted- does it have room to "move" when the cabinet is hit hard? If so, it may be losing connection with the IDE port, which would cause the game to freeze. I don't think that either the adapter or drive has an issue, per se, but I think the problem lies in a connection between either the adapter and the board or the adapter and the flash drive. Check those first, and see if there is a way to secure them very tightly with each other. This should minimize the chance of freezing or crashing.

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