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QUESTION: I have only 2 red lights out of 3 on on the inside of my Williams stargate arcade game. The top 2. The 5V and 12V is lit up but the 3rd one isn't?  Any suggestions? The error code says 136 and I have already replaced all 24 of the rams. Thx for your time


It sounds like you've got a power issue on the +5V (or -5V) depending on which light is out. I'll ask a dumb question first- are you sure all of the fuses are good? That is the easiest thing to check!

Second, if all of the fuses are good, remove the power supply board and reflow all of the solder on all of the heavy gauge pin connectors. These *always* go bad over time, and will cause issues with power.

If neither of those work, you can buy a drop-in modern replacement such as this:

(I have no affiliation with this person, just sharing a link)

One of those will take care of your problem!

Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: Yes I did change the fuses too. Forgot to tell you that. Is the power supply board the one with the 2 of the 3 red lights that are on?.....there is like 4 boards on this machine so I wanna make sure I get the right one. Thx again for all your help!

Correct- the one with the lights. It should look like this:

On the back side of the board, you'll likely see a lot of cracked solder on the big header pins. These need to be reflowed with new solder.

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