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Hi Brian! Have a stand up Ms.PacMan arcade game. The unit worked perfect two weeks ago but now has an issue. When trying to start the game by pushing the power button on the top all I get is a weird electronic beep noise & some odd screens. This is repeated over & over again. It looks to be 4-5 different screens that appear. It won't let you add games with the button inside or the quarters. Also I have checked the 6 fuses in the bottom of the unit & they all check good. I'll try to attach photos. Please help if I can't repair it is there a way to convert it? Thank You! Kevin

Hi Kevin,

It looks like your game is running through the startup tests over and over. This shouldn't be a difficult problem to fix!

The first thing i'll ask you to do is to unplug the connector from the logic board. It is the flat connector at the top. With an eraser, clean the silver edge pins on the Ms. Pac board- both sides! Put the connector back on fire the game up. Is there any change?
If there isn't, let me know and we'll move on to the next step (which may be a little bit hairy, but doable)

Hope this helped!

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