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Hello Brian,

I just recently purchased a stand-up Cruis'n World arcade system a few weeks back. It played fine for about a week. After that time it would freeze randomly while playing every so often. Now, it happens every time. It will play fine until you start a game, then freeze up at random frames. Sometimes in the beginning, sometimes towards the end. I've turned it off and on to reset the game but it eventually freezes again.

I attached an image I found online that looks similar to what my screen looks like when it freezes. I can still hear the audio when it first freezes and then it eventually resets itself.

What do you think the issue is?

Best regards,

Hi Frankylane,

Luckily I think this will be an easy fix! What is happening is that your power supply is putting out insufficient voltage for stable operation. You should do the following:

Open the game so you can see the board and power supply. Most likely, the power supply will have a knob on it with an arrow around it. This is the +5V adjust knob. With the game off, turn the knob about 1/4 of an inch. Turn the game on and see if it freezes. If it does, turn the game off and turn the knob another 1/4 of an inch. Repeat the process until the game plays through without freezing.

When the +5V goes below a threshold, usually around +4.8V, the game will freeze and then reboot. Turning the voltage up will prevent this from happening.

Let me know how it goes!

Hope this helps,

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