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QUESTION: Hi Brian,  I have a multigame pac man upright machine.  We were playing it fine then turned off.  Next time turned on screen was blank other than a vertical line down the right hand side.  Sound and game was playing but screen blank other than the line.  One person said the board needs to be replaced.  Another said the whole monitor/screen needed to be taken out and repaired.  Any idea what needs to be done?  I can send a photo if needed.  Thanks.


ANSWER: Monica,

Just off the bat, i'm leaning toward the monitor. If you could send a picture of it, i'd be happy to give you some further information. My guess is that the deflection has gone out on the monitor, but depending on the type, it may be very easy to fix.

I'll await a picture. Please send one of the cabinet from the outside, then a picture of the inside looking in from the back.


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QUESTION: Here are the photos.  Thanks for your help.

Hi Monica,

Ok, so by seeing the monitor, i'm almost certain that the issue is either going to be fixed by what I'll tell you, or the monitor will need to be serviced/replaced. See the attached picture. First, make sure that the power is turned off. Without touching anything else, wiggle the wires on point 1. Then take the wires on point 2, unplug them from the monitor chassis (the logic board) and then plug them back in. Take note of if the pins that it plugs into are loose or not. If they are loose, then there's your problem for sure. Once that's plugged back in, unplug and plug back in the connector at point 3.

You can now turn the game back on and see if this made any difference. Let me know what you find. If you could send a picture of what the monitor looks like when it's on, that would be of some value as well.

Hope this helps!

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