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Video Game Repair/Golden Tee Fore 2003 error


QUESTION: recently replaced the hard drive and EPROM on the green board GT2003 fore! system.  During boot the new drive is detected and the EPROM shows the proper version (2.09).  However after both check screens are passed the screen goes red and displays

"Software version incompatible with hardware
Key code #40600 - ITS tournament Board
Board serial # - ########"

as far as I knew there is only one version of the 2003 system.
the drive I removed from the system was labeled Golden Tee Fore 2003 and it was replaced with what I believed was the same software.  of course I could be wrong about that one.

ANSWER: You are correct- there is only one version. However, the way ITS kept piracy in check is by locking each board to a specific serial number and registration key. Doing this kept operators from upgrading without purchasing the upgrade kit. It sounds like you may have the wrong year of hard drive- maybe a 2004? The EPROM should not have needed to be changed- i'm curious why you did that.

Basically, the board is thinking it is one version and the hard drive is thinking it's a different version. That's the problem.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: the EPROM change was so that the system board would read a larger hard drive.  Looks like the original system would not allow a drive size over 7.8 or 10GB.

looks like although my drive was labeled 2003 the system was 2005, as you suggested.  


That's what I thought- the drives were rewritten in the field using a CD-ROM drive and the security chip was changed each year. The machine would call in to IT and the small square surface mount chip would be rewritten with a new, unique security code that authorized the upgrade.

Get a 2003 hard drive and you should be set.  

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