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I picked this up for zero dollars and was told it needed a power supply and a new video card.  all electronics were in a box.  I bought a new power supply and assembled the game.  when we fired it up, the monitor was black, then had a white/blue line across the center horizontally.  the speakers were making a "heart beat" sound that coincided with the green light blinking on the hard drive.  my electronics friend says the analog tv controller that plugs into the back of the monitor is burnt in several spots.  any suggestions?


It sounds like the monitor is indeed fried- most likely the vertical deflection circuitry. If there are physical burns on the monitor board, it's going to cost more than it's worth to repair. Your best bet would be to get a converter to output the game to a low-cost LCD/LED television and install that. You do not hear any game sounds from the speakers? That is concerning to me as well- you should be hearing attract mode sound. I would start by verifying that your game board is functioning correctly.

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