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Stuck at this screen
Stuck at this screen  
QUESTION: I just picked up a golden tee fore and it worked great for two days. I finished a game and walked away to get something to eat and came back the screen was frozen. I turned the power off and then turned the power back on and the image on the monitor split in half vertical and read the same things on both sides but would not get past the screen that says "system status ok initializing please wait". The hard drive when first turned on communicated with the board then goes off and the two green leds continue to flash. I then unplugged the cable to the video card and hooked it up to a monitor and the picture is fine but still does not go past that screen. I also notice that the video card is a 3dfx n2544 gets very warm on the main heat sink and there is also one on it that looks like a voltage regulator that gets really hot within minutes of being turned on. Could a video card stop this from finishing booting? What do I check next ?

ANSWER: Hi Matt,

There are a couple of things to try first. Your thoughts about the video card are correct- it can stop the system from booting. However, it is normal for the heat sink to get hot (ditto the regulator). Remove the video card from the slot and clean the gold edge connector with a pencil eraser. Put the card back in and then try to boot it again.

If that doesn't work, listen to the hard drive as it spins up. Is it running? Can you hear any "odd" noises coming from it, like clanks or sputtering? A bad or failing hard drive can cause the problem you are experiencing.

It is possible to purchase a new hard drive, or even a flash drive, from somewhere like Ebay to give you years of trouble-free gaming.

Let me know if either of these work. I'll be happy to help you find a solution.


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QUESTION: I have removed the video card and cleaned the connections, and the hard drive does not make any strange noises. You can also feel the hard drive spinning while it is stuck on that screen although the hd light does come one for a few seconds and blinks a lot it then goes out and stays off. Is this normal? I have also checked the voltage at the board and power supply and that is at 5.2vdc.  their are no repair places around me to locate a video card what would be the best replacement that I can order online ?

ANSWER: Given what you've told me, I am going to rule out the video card as a problem. The blinking of the hard drive light tells me that the hard drive is not communicating correctly with the board. Try unplugging the hard drive IDE cable from the board and powering the game up. It should look for the hard drive and then say that it can't find it. Turn the game off and then plug it into the other IDE port and turn the game back on.

If this doesn't work, i'm going say that i'm 95% certain your hard drive has gone bad. It only takes one crash to permanently damage it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have also done that black screen comes up trying to detect hard drive and not found, once plugged back in and powered back up says hard drive detected and then goes to the screen in the picture I attached. At that point is when the hard drive light stops blinking and just the two green leds continue to blink. I was also wondering what the four red LEDs indicate that are by the modem on it. I have a green board. Also I have located golden tee complete compact flash drive with EPROM 2.09 would this work in my machine

No, unfortunately the hard drive must match the security chip, which in this case was only updated to Golden Tee Fore (not updated at all). You will need to find a GT Fore hard drive/flash drive.

The LED's by the modem are modem status lights (RX/TX/RD/TD)

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