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Video Game Repair/2005 Golden Tee fore wont get past checking filesystems


screen image
screen image  
QUESTION: Machine worked and started getting a low voltage warning. Finally machine wouldnt get past checking systemfiles screen when powering on. Ordered a new hard drive and new power supply and same thing. I've tried both IDE ports and got the same results. I have no clue what I should try next. Please help
Thanks in advance

ANSWER: Hi Darrin,

It appears to me that the hard drive version is a different version than the firmware that is on your 2005 board. That would be my first guess.

My second thought would be that there is something wrong with the board itself, but i've never seen one get that far and have a bad board.

Are you still getting a low power warning? If so, adjust the power supply by turning the knob about 1/3 of a turn.

Hope this helps,

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old and new HD
old and new HD  
QUESTION: According to where I got the hard drive the first pic shows the chip to check for what year hard drive, and the my chip should be a 2005/hard drive. The second pic is my original hard drive(on left) and the most recent hard drive I bought from them. Originally bought a 2004 hard drive( because of 2004 sticker on original) from them and game wouldn't get past systemfiles check screen like now. Called them back and that's when he told me to go to web site and make sure chip matches hard drive. So then I sent 04 H D back and was sent 05 H D. Now I'm in the same situation lol! No low power supply warning, can't get that far in the boot up. I've tried every bit of 10-15 different power supply voltage knob positions lol! It seems to act best with power supply voltage a little over 3/4 of the way completely up. Is there anyway to test the board to see if there's an issue with it? When machine was working it would load up fine most of the time but every so often it would hang on the boot load and throw an error. When it would I would unplug for 10-15 mins then fire it back up and it would normally load up fine. Then one day it got stuck on the screen in first pic. So that's why I naturally figured hard drive fried. Sorry if I seem to be babbling, just throwing things out there hoping something I say helps lol!
Thanks again

ANSWER: Wait, now i'm confused- if you have a Golden Tee 2005, that is not the same thing as a Golden Tee Extra. GTE has all of the courses, while 2005 does not. That would absolutely be why it's hanging- it's still the wrong hard drive.

When you used to be able to play, did it boot as GT2005 or GT Extra? The security chip is for a Golden Tee 2005, and WILL NOT boot a Golden Tee Extra hard drive. It'll do exactly what it's doing for you there.

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game cabinet
game cabinet  
QUESTION: Sorry for the confusion. I was and still am confused as well lol. When I first started trying to figure this out I was confused cause there were the 2 extra courses along with the 5 original. Swamp something with the alligator logo and the other course which I don't remember, so therefore it would be 05 extra correct?. But the original hard drive that worked has the 2004 sticker on it and that's why I originally ordered a 04 replacement HD. But when it wouldn't load I called them and that's when the owner told me to check the chip and match it to the HD listed on website. So I did and it says to get an 05 extra HD. And I have the right EPROM chip(chip that allows the update?) also. Hope that clears up the confusion lol.

Ok, i'll lay out what has happened:

The original hard drive was, at one point, a 2004, but was then upgraded by the operator to a 2005, and then later to a 2005 Extra. They never switched the label on the drive when they upgraded, so that's why you thought it originally was a 2004.

Now you've got a 2005 Extra hard drive, but it's not booting. Ok, so you need to look at the boot EPROM (the large rectangular socketed one across from the JAMMA edge connector) and make sure that it is version 2.09. If it is not, the board will not properly read anything over a 60 GB hard drive. That might be your issue.


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