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Recently picked up this 2004 silver strike arcade. Seller just moved said worked fine probly a loose wire. He sold to me for $175 I disconnected and connected all plugs inside but it wouldn't start. Green lights turn on and the fan kicks on for a second or so then off again. I pulled a circuit board off of the monitor bulb and put back on. The game played with no problems for a week or so. Now back to square one. I tried pulling circuit board again but no luck. I saw there was a few solder joints that were not solid on that board as well. Would this cause the game not to fire up? Thanks for your gaming repair advice!!!

Hi Eric,

When you say that you pulled a circuit board off of the monitor bulb, what do you mean?

The computer (the big silver box) and the I/O board (the smaller board with the JAMMA edge connector on it) should both be hooked up and secured. The first thing that I would check would be to remove the top of the computer box and make sure that all of the fans are cleaned and spinning properly. Cooling is a big part of keeping this game working! Second, any bad solder connections should be re-flowed.

If you're pulling the monitor board, please be aware that there can be 25,000+ volts stored in the monitor tube that can be deadly if accidentally discharged.

If you have any pictures or videos of what it's doing, they would help to better diagnose.

Hope this helps!

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