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Hi this is the second machine we are having this problem with. The first couple of days owning it, it worked fine. But then after turning it on and playing a few times, the sound cuts out and won't return until we shut off and restart the machine. It happens every time. I will say the first time it happened it was suggested I was sure all connections were secure and when I touched something at the bottom of the harness connector I was burned. The unit has no fan so I am assuming something is overheating. Any answers or suggestions? We have already returned one unit and don't want to return this for a third. Thanks.

Hi Fran,
What you likely touched was either the ceramic resistor or the audio amp, both of which get very, very hot on the board (and this is normal, oddly enough!) What I am guessing is the problem is the sound potentiometer. If you are looking at the board with the connector at the top, the pot (or knob) is on the top right and looks like a small wheel. With the power off, turn it all the way to both ends quickly 5 or 6 times in each direction. The pot may be dirty, which could cause the sound to cut out.

Let me know if this helps!

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