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Remember the question I asked you last time? In your reply you said you cannot answer the question of who the best follower for me, but you said you could give some general suggestions. Could you give me some general suggestions? After you give me suggestions I should be able to figure out the rest on my own.

Hi there, Jason!

Well, when I say 'general', I mean it quite literally. But let's give it a go.

The one thing I've gathered of the game from my research into vampires is that they aren't liked (well d'uh), and that the longer you go without feeding, the more chance you have of becoming more obvious and thus further disliked. Therefore, if you are intending to be able to interact with people, I would definitely make sure that you get a companion that can be fed from so you have an 'emergency source'. Can they all be fed from? That much, I hadn't gone deep enough into to be sure.

Secondly, I would suggest that you take the abilities that you *don't* have, and make sure you have a companion that can help counteract that disadvantage. Certainly getting someone the same as you can make sure you kick ass, but if you are weak in the spellcasting department, it might be a good idea to have someone at your side who can handle that part for you. Augmenting your weaknesses with a stronger Companion is usually the best way to go in a case like that.

The one time I would avoid this is if you want an easy availability to a trainer for your various skills. There are some Companions which allow for training, and you can thus have an 'on the go' trainer (up to certain levels).

Depending on the sort of play you do, you may want to double-check your Companion's morality. I noticed that some of them won't do anything illegal (although they won't report crimes *you* do), so if you're making them do things that would be 'naughty', you'll need to make sure your Companion is able to do so. Otherwise you'll be tearing your hair out.

As I said, unfortunately, the game is not one of the ones that I know well enough to be able to give a particularly 'best tactics' on. And trying to do a cram session is difficult at best, when I'm trying to start from the bottom and move up. While I wish I could be of more help, finding someone who knows the game more would probably be of a lot more help in this area.

Sorry that I can't help out with this one more than what was offered!


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