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For Peas, which type, split, green, pod?  What type of top soil do you suggest for it as well as the hybrid lettuce, kale?  Ive got existing clay/gravel landscaping.  Also for the edibles is the snow going to harm anything?  And if theres counter meausures for the 1-4 times it may/might snow for the winter? Also what would you suggest to to with top soil that expires?  As most say it lasts for 4- 8 mo?

Thanks, again

FOR peas i would suggest green and pod. If you have clay soil you will certainly have to amend it with good soil....get soil for growing vegetables or just triple mix soil.  With clay you will have to amend the soil regularly least annually. If the gravel is on top of the clay you can mix it in. If not it's probably not a good place to grow vegetables.

Vegetables that grow quickly and like cool winter will be fine...but you'll probably harvest them before the  coldest weather. Kale, on the other hand, loves cold weather and you might even find that some of it will winter over. Actually you could probably plant vegetable seeds like carrots now for harvesting in the spring.
I don't know much about gardening in Nevada. This is just  what I do in Canada. You need to check that other website i mentioned


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