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Hello Michaela,

I just bought a black-eyed susan vine  2 weeks ago.
In the evenings it would drop 3-4 healthy, whole , nicely blooming flowers. What   am I doing wrong? What should I do to prevent loosing them ?

The plant is on my balcony in a pot  , gets PM sun ( 7o-8o F these days, night time 53 F) in the Seattle, Wa area , water it every 3-4 days ( instruction tells me once a week, but I felt dry to the touch), no fertilizer (yet).

What would be your suggestion ?

Thank you for  your input :

Hi Eva

This could be a number  of things:

First and the most obvious - insects- aphids, whiteflies or mites. Spray the plant well, especially undersides of leaves etc with soapy water (dishsoap) or you can buy horticultural soap or neem oil. You may be able to see them if you look carefully.

You could also be overwatering. If you've used a specialized  potting soil it's easy to do as the soil can feel dry when it isn't. Stick a piece of wood or a stick well down into the pot to test.

Most important,these vines are very tender. Temperatures around 53 may have been too cold for it!


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