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Vines/Suppernong problems


Suppernongs here are getting ripe.  Problem is I keep finding a substance on or hanging from the fruit which look like spit.  It is a foamy type substance.  Had someone say it was from crickets but some of these vines are overhead.  Thought maybe it was a snake but have not seen one.  Can you give me info on this.  thank you

Hello, Jan-
Not to worry. The "spit" you see on your Scuppernong is actually from an insect called a "spittlebug." These insects are often found on grapevines, pecan trees, shrubs of all kinds, and even turf grass. Underneath the foam, you would find the insect. Spittlebugs excrete this substance to protect itself from other insects and for insulation as it matures. The good news: this substance does not hurt plants or people. The next good rain should wash it away, but you can use your hose to do the job.


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