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QUESTION: hi, i know this is a weed and not commnly grown as a house plant but i got a hedge bindweed seedling  growing indoors at a north facing window and in a jar of water its growing realy good i was wandering if it could live for many years like 30 yrs? thank you for your time

ANSWER: Good afternoon, Cynthia!
You are correct that hedge bindweed is typically viewed as a "weed," and an invasive one at that, part of the Morning Glory family (Convolvulaceae). That said, there is really nothing to prevent you from enjoying it indoors, provided you give it the proper care. This plant wants a lot of sunlight, so I am wondering if the north-facing window will be the right spot over the long run. Once daylight hours begin really shrinking, I would move it to a southern window if possible, and -- if the roots have developed well enough in the water -- transplant it to a nice plastic pot (which you can place down in a prettier ceramic container). Make sure it has enough drainage, but keep it well watered. As for soil, this plant doesn't need a lot of nutrients, so avoid anything really "enriched." Mix in a bit of fine gravel and/or sand, too. I will be interested to see when/how often your vine flowers. Now, as to your question about longevity, I really have no idea how long you can keep this vine growing indoors. I do think it will tolerate a fair amount of pruning, and you can always take some cuttings and place them in water to start new plants, which you can add to your existing potted specimen. Good luck!

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QUESTION: thanks agin for your help i have another question i heard that hedge bindweeds roots can get 20 to 30 feet is that true? if so what do i do when its in the pot? you said i could root cuttings were do i cut on the vine? ill keep you posted if it flowers here is a picture when i first got it on june 29 and agin a few days ago does it look healthy and normal? thanks so much agin

Yes, hedge bindweed roots are typically fairly shallow but they can spread far and wide, at least 10 feet or more. The roots will only spread out as much as they are allowed to - so don't worry about potting the plant. As for cuttings, based on your photos, you won't be able to take any until the plant gets much longer/bigger, and then you can cut just about anywhere and stick it in water and begin a new plant to add to its "parent." Thanks for the photos, by the way. The vine looks perfectly normal and healthy.  


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