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Morning glory (I think) is trying to overtake my large shrubs (10 feet high and 20 feet across). Have used a chemical the last six years from my nursery with a power sprayer to kill the vine w/o killing the shrub. Worked great. Must have run out of chemical. Nursery does not carry it any longer. Amazon has a product, but can't sell it to people in Maryland. What do you suggest? Thanks.


Hi Ronn -
I like the spelling of your name; I've only seen it spelled that way once before (one of my co-workers is also a "Ronn").
ANYWAY. Morning glory - if that's what it is - is a glorious vine but not when it's trying to move in on shrubs. Aside from achieving what I feel is a miracle (power-spraying the vine without harming the adjacent/underlying shrub), you are right to feel bereft that your local nursery can't sell the magic chemical. That said, you have some options. You could try a difference chemical - but who knows if that will perform aforesaid miracle by killing the vine while sparing the shrub? You could try an organic (but still toxic-to-the-vine) approach by applying a mixture of very hot water and white vinegar to the vine's roots. Or you could start digging - tackling every spot where the MG vine emerges. Or a combination of Options 2 and 3 - that might be your best bet. One other option: order the magic chemical from Amazon and have it shipped to a friend in a different state and then go pick it up or have him/her ship it to you.... Which is probably some kind of illegal, but I dunno.
I realize I haven't been very helpful here - apologies for that. Feel free to send me some pics and/or the name of the chemical and perhaps I can research a substitute for you. Good luck!


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