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Hello, Dear Kathleen , I wish that you were doing fine, I have a question about my golden ivy , it suffers that brown spots , it starts as a smooth area then it turns brown , no special location , sometimes on the tips sometimes on the side sometimes in the middle.Can you help me to know what is wrong with it and how to fix it. Thank you so much.

Hello Rasha,
I hope you are well, also; thank you for writing, and thank you for sending the photographs, they are very helpful.
Golden ivy, or "Pothos," is a wonderful houseplant and I like the way you have trained it. The spots are most likely either a bacterial or fungal infection, but this is a common problem with Pothos. The cause is usually overwatering and/or overcrowding and a lack of air circulation among the vines. First, I suggest clipping off all leaves that show these spots. Second, make sure your plant drains well and does not sit in any saucers of water. Wait until the soil is absolutely bone-dry to the first knuckle of your finger (when you stick your finger in the dirt of the pot) and then water thoroughly. For a plant that size, you might need to water only once a week or even once every 10 days if you water deeply. The trick is to make sure the water saturates the soil AND then drains out the bottom of the pot. I usually water my Pothos plants right in the sink, and let them drain thoroughly before I put them back on the saucer. I hope my suggestions work for you, and I appreciate your reaching out to AllExperts. Thank you.  


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