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Vintage Cars/vin numbers for 1940 vehicle


Boomer wrote at 2010-07-20 19:33:06
Almost everyone has this problem unless they own an all original vehicle.  Even then it could be a problem if the car has been restored.  Any time the old rusted frame is discarded or repaired, the serial numbers get wasted.  On street rods, many people use an aftermarket frame which destroys the integrity of the car but rodders don't worry about that sort of thing.  If the original number goes out the door with the old frame, either sold or destroyed, all sorts of problems exists.  The state's DMV wants to assign a hobby car number and inspect the vehicle.  Is it legal to stamp the number from the old frame onto the new one? thus continue using the original serial number?  Get me a lawyer to answer this one.  My state is not a title state if over 25 years old.  What to do, what do do.

tim wrote at 2012-12-03 06:40:27
i have a 1940ish truck too

in canada or ontario at least you can register it as a you build

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