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Hello I HAVE A 1967 CORVETTE AND TRYING TO VERIFY BLOCK TO CAR.Block casting number is 3892657 right front pad is V1118YS .Any help would be great. Thanks Mike

You will need a copy of the 1967 Chevrolet service manual to find locations of numbers, and Chevrolet master parts book that was used by the dealerships to find what the numbers and letter mean.  The V1118YS V is usually the manufacturing plant code, 1118 is the production date (first 2 digits are the month, and second 2 digits are the day.  Yours would be November 18th.  The YS is the engine / transmission an example 283 cubic inch engine with a powerglide transmission (this us an example, not a real combination to your code).  I can't help with any other specifics, since I don't have the books for your particular vehicle.  Possibly a dedicated Corvette club in your area might have a resident expert that can give you more detail.  

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