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I have just acquired a 1955 Nash Metropolitan. The body is being restored and as crazy as this
may sound, I want to put a modern engine in it. First, is it possible and second, what type of
engine and ensuing modifications would that entail?

I adore the look of this car, but I want it on the road. not in a field at a Nash rally, that I have
no doubt I'd be shunned from should I make the least modification to.

Thanks for any ideas.


Sandra MacMurray

Any modification is possible. But, most are unrealistic because of cost. There was nothing wrong with that engine when new. If you really want to drive an older car just upgrade some items instead of replacing key components (which is a very deep money pit).

I would recommend converting the ignition with MSD and Pertronix items. I have had excellent results with both companies.
Also adapt a weber carb to the intake. Get some good shocks from Gabriel (if they still have them) by checking dimensions you can
use some other shock.  Keep the tires as narrow as possible--the wide tires on newer cars are just fashion and do not help handling in
real world situations.

I could go on, but, you should get the idea. If you have specific questions, email again.

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