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How can you tell if the rear shocks need replaced?

If one or both are leaking around the lever shaft, rebuild both. Otherwise, judge by handling over humps and bumps. If it bounces more than once, replace or rebuild both. You can also get an idea by leaning down hard on each rear corner and letting it go: no rebound. Apple Hydraulics (Calverton, NY) do rebuilds. But first, of course, check the oil level in them. Make sure to use the right Girling oil (Moss 220-304).

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Jo Jesty


Most detailed about Austin Healeys but also MGs (A,B,C), old Minis, old Volvos: they share SU carbs, Lucas (Prince of Darkness!) ignition, Girling brakes & shocks. Some things shared with TRs too, but I don't know so much about them. Can advise the semi-neophyte on the basics of keeping things running, especially tuning ignition and carbs; but no rebuilding engines or transmissions; no frame or bodywork. General date range: late 50s to 70s (not so good about cars with emission controls, electronics). No valuation experience at all.


Middling: I am not an auto mechanic. (Should we stop right here?) Grew up In England and a workshop. I have had a 3-carb 60/61 Healey for ca. 8 years, largely looked after myself. New fuel system and carbs, resuscitated ignition, brakes (discs and drum). Great driver's car. Major jobs done by others: king pins, front frame cancer excision; caliper rebuild; etc. Organizations.: Austin Healey Sports & Touring Car Club (PA) Publications: > 70, irrelevant Education/Credentials: PhD, irrelevant Awards and Honors: irrelevant Languages: Je peux essayer francais...

Re. cars, none--see experience.

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