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Hi Ron, I recently purchased a 1975 vw super beetle 1835cc engine and in the front trunk area there is a rubber hose connected to the washer fluid container. Where does it go from there?  After researching the matter myself there isn't any info(that I could find) as to how it goes through the dash into the steering column. Please help.
Also, what procedure do I use to insert the front trunk seal to the little tabs (3 on each side)on the body? I get one and while moving to the next one the first one comes out.
Thank you so much.Donna

the line should go into the hood area and connect to the nozels that feed the front winshield, usually it goes into a "T" that splits to the nozzels, or it goes to the actual pump or foot pedal if not motorized .  How long is it?
I am not sure about the tabs, they can be a pain.  Make sure they all look alike and one is not broken or malformed, if all the same ( all 6) then try starting with the ones that are most difficult ( most tension)

Good luck

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