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I know you said MG but lets see how you are on Triumphs. I have a 68 GT6 with Stromberg 150 carbs. I want to put stromberg 175 carbs on but do not know if they will fit. Any idea?

Hi Kelly

You're right, I'm guessing! It's likely that you are a little under-carbureted, yes, but not by much; and it won't be easy. Here are several questions you need to ask...

1) Will the larger bodies fit under the hood and inside the wheel-well? I.e. How tight is the fit on your 1-1/2's now?

2) Are the walls of the intake-manifold pipes thick enough for a machine shop to safely bore out 1/8 inch all around (to make the intake diameter 1-3/4)? Especially immediately behind the flange? You--or, better, a good machine shop--must measure that very carefully with inside (curved) calipers to the point where the pipe splits. Rely on the machine shop to decide whether to go ahead.

3) What's the distance between the stud holes on the larger carbs? The new flanges must mate up somehow with the existing manifold flange. The easiest way to find this out would be to order the different gaskets from Moss or Victoria: (i) a pair for your present 150CDs, and (ii) a pair for a TR6/250, which used 175CDs. Compare the holes.

4) I don't see a problem on air cleaners. Just drill and enlarge the old ones as necessary, or get new ones to fit.

If you don't have a club expert or another online source, you might contact Burlen Fuel Systems in Salisbury, England; or Apple Hydraulics in Calverton, Long Island, NY. Burlen actually make these carbs (and may make a conversion kit); and Apple knows carbs very well. They're both on the web.

Good luck!


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