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My car has set for several years with gas in the fuel tank which has turned to varnish? I am having trouble finding a after market and shudder at the $2100.00 Mercedes wants for a new one. Any suggestions on where to get a good used one, after market or how I can safely clean the one I have?

you could try any of the online mercedes forums for a used tank , also junk yards, but all will probably be in similar shape
if there is gunk in the tank , you can be assured it is in the lines  and perhpas even caked on the injectors.
as far as the tank.  Keosine is a good cutting agent.  I have poured some in a tank ran a heavy chain down into the tank and then pused the car back and forth to "clean the tank"  by the action of the chain.  You then drain the tank.  The other way is to remove the tank and do the same or take it to a radiator shop and have them steam it out. .  I would disconnect the in line at the engine bay and remove the line from the pump and clean front to back , using comressed air and perhapsso cutting agent.
Remeber even old gas is flamable.

good luck , it can be a nasty job but certainly doable.  

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