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my 1980 450 sl is running sluggish. It will start fine and i have to let it warm up before i can start driving it. But the acceleration is sluggish and if i drive to a small hill i have the gas pedal all the way down. Any recomendation is appreciated.. The car only have 72000 miles on the car.

your car should have a K jet injection system.  The common causes for poor power are
worn out or out of adjustment settings - timing, spark plugs,  dwell, air fuel ratios, worn distributor cap, plug wires ect.  Age is the issue on many items , not just mielage
also if your control pressure is high it will limit the travel of the control plunger which means less gas to the engine.
Old , or restricted injectors can also be a cause

What is the service history?   Any recent work, how long have the symptoms been present?
K jets can be complicated and must be checked one system at a time
Let me know more information

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