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Hi Ron, we have a 1981 Mercedes 380SL convertible. It still has the original Becker Radio Grand Prix Electronic.

I think the radio is defective or at least has an intermittend malfunction: Sometimes or better most of the time the display is gobbled, the unit itself feels real warm almost hot and the none of the buttons works. I think it is constantly on because the antenna stays out. Usually when set to 'automatic' the antenna retracts when the radio is turned off. The biggest problem is that the radio seems to discharging the battery because when it is acting like that, the car won't start.

I have tried to research how to remove the radio. It has no wholes or slots anywhere. I am absolutely clueless.

Do you know how to get the radio out of the console?

Thank you in advance.


it sounds like the radio is shot, you can always get it refurbished complete with an ipod jack through Becker radio USA
As far as removal
1- remove the ash tray
2- remove the 2 screws at the back of the ash tray frame
3- pull the frame out by pulling the Pass side forward and angling the Drivers side out. There is a elect connection on the driver side you need to remove (you'll see it when the frame is out).
4- Now you can move the AC control panel out of the way. Be careful with the connections on the back. You don't have to remove the panel completely just get it down enough so the the two metal springs at the top are below the radio frame.
5- pull the radio out, you may have two clips on the radio frame, and you may have to remove glove box to get in behind to push out, hope that helps

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