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the Ignition control unit went out in my car 1973 450 SLC I had a bosh unit the only one I could find is a programa when I got it 1 wire was colored different. the bosh black red brown green. black went on top bar. the red next bar down they look like resiters or something next is brown ground connector then a green the wire from the points. now comes the bad part a wind storm came up. paper blew away. dropped two wires that come out of a wiring harness. pink  or light red and a green with black stripe          
I think I have the black REd brown and yellow with green stripe help with the pink or red and the green with black stripe from the harness

having a little trouble following your question , but perhaps this wiring diagram will help's/Electrisch%20schema%2045

if it is the connection to the programa you would have to contact them to confirm cross over connections

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