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Peter D wrote at 2013-01-13 15:33:16
In fact the real Limited Edition MG's were both in the UK (silver and bronze) and Canada (black and silver). In Canada, there were 250 Badged Cars exported. The badge was on the glove box and number 1-250.  These cars all had tan interiors, with overdrive transmissions. There speedometers where in kilometers and most if not all have the optional luggage rack. These cars were only available in 79, unlike the US which had them in both 79 and 80. In Canada,for 1980 they had a special edition with was black with a gold side stripe. These were basic cars,fitted with Roystyle wheels basic options. Hope this helps.

peterD wrote at 2013-11-14 00:53:23
The numbers posted are correct, that said the true limited edition mgb's are the Canadian 1979 models. There were only 250 badged cars. They were numbered. They all came with tan interiors, overdrive and the speedo was in kilometres. They only came to Canada one year. In 1980 there were special edition black and gold cars but they were standard mgbs.

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