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Mark Klino wrote at 2008-05-17 03:01:10
My name is Mark Klino and I have some possible information.  My grandfather Leonard Klino Sr. and his brother Walter built race cars in the 1930's.  The most famous one was driven at the Indy 500 by Mauri Rose in ~ 1937 (not sure of exact year).  I have a picture of my grandfather sitting in one of his handmade Indy race cars.

klino car wrote at 2008-07-21 20:14:11
klino cars were small.

Around for up to 2 years around 1929.

Fabric sides!!  

Gate change gears,

so had to double-de-clutch pedal.

I've seen photo in a small thin book and

also in SAGA magazine (U.K.)

roy dockery wrote at 2013-01-19 19:31:09
h i morine  in to weeks i have a 1923 clino to look alfter for a few years it  is owend by a good frend  of mine it is so speasal that you will not see aney more un less  you have good frends if you would like to see it send me an e mail

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