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I have 4 African Violet plants in my office and only one plant is being affected (so far).  The leaves have a "tunneling" on them and the color is a light caramel or tea colored I just clipped 10 leaves that were affected today.  4-6 wks ago I did the same to this plant.  I have checked websites on pests and diseases that affect African Violets.  Can leaf miner affect African Violets?  If that is what it is how do I get rid of it on this plant?  How do I prevent it from affecting the other 3 plants?

I looked up leaf miner. Even though I knew what it was I had never heard of it affecting violets. Actually, what you describe does not sound like a leaf miner at all. Leaf miners leave trails where they burrow into leaves, mostly vegetables. The curling of the foliage, I have seen this before in my own violets, but it has been a long while. I wonder if you could send me a photo? As clear and close up as possible. I will try to help further if you can. My personal email is

Violets, African

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I learned about African Violets at the knee of my grandmother, who was born in 1895. I have been raising violets for nearly 30 years, and have helped friends and relatives with growing as well

At the knee of my grandmother.

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