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I love my African violets but one started off great after I transplanted it a while ago. put in African violet dirt watered it like the others. Then little by little the leaves would dry and shrivel up. Don't know if it was the way i watered it or it just didn't take the transplant. can i save it . the crown leaves are tiny. Should i not water them anymore or frequently. I have all my African violets during the winter in saucers with marbles and little stones. so i don't water them from the top of the soil. With our winters in niagara falls the heat was on more this year. Would appreciate some tips. Thank You for your time

It sounds like the plant you transplanted developed root rot, which is caused by the roots becoming too moist. This happens occasionally when the drainage is not adequate. A word of caution: Violets do not need to be transplanted often. They bloom better when their roots are kept tight, slightly root-bound. This causes them to put more energy into blooming rather than putting out more roots. It honestly sounds as if the violet you are describing has gotten too wet, and that it may not survive. Otherwise, the method you are using to water them sounds perfect, with the stones or marbels underneath. This is ideal. Just watch transplanting from now on. It isn't always necessary with violets.

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