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QUESTION: One of my African violets has leaves that are curling under.  There is also fuzz on the leaves but other than them curling, look healthy.  It is even trying to bloom.   Any idea what is wrong???

ANSWER: Hi Carol, is there anyway that you could send me a photo of one of your violets? If not, let me know and I will still try to advise you, but I thought it would help so much. Thanks

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QUESTION: I have no way of sending a picture.  Sorry.   It is just totally curling down.   The color is normal.  The flowers are very tall but not blooming yet.  Any idea?  Thank you.

I thought I answered you over a week ago when you told me you couldn't send a photo. I am terribly sorry!

Maybe it got LOST in cyberspace, but I know I answered you.

Put the plant in INDIRECT sunlight, not direct, too strong. For now give it lukewarm water and keep it moist, but not wet. I am hoping that the fuzz is not a fungus. If it is then you'll have to discard it because fungal diseases spread quickly and incurable. Sorry, just the truth. Something you can TRY:  Take a Q tip and dip it in a mixture of vinegar and water, about 50/50. Dab the fuzzy areas. Otherwise, there's nothing you can do, at least to my knowledge. Remember, I'm not a professional, but I have been growing violets for over 40 years! But, vinegar works wonders, even on humans, because it is a natural product, made from apples and other fruits. It cures toenail fungus, athlete's foot, gum disease, etc. It is a CHEAP miracle. However, violets are very, very finicky and delicate.

Remember, that fungi LOVE wetness, so keep it moist, not wet. Lots of sunlight. If I could see a photo I could help better, but you may want to consider pinching off the affected leaves. If it is a fungus, though, that won't help, because the fungus affects the whole plant eventually, down to the roots. Let's hope its not a fungus!!!!!

I am so sorry that my answer to you got lost. I recall answering, but occasionally this happens. Again, so sorry. I do apologize, even though it wasn't my direct fault. Good luck.

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