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Violets, African/yellowing leaves on African Violets


The outside edges of leaves are turning yellow (mostly on one side of plant).I only water from bottom as I understand they like that best. I haven't fertilized since last fall. They seem to get plenty of sun(indirect)Should I remove these leaves or try to save them and how?

Thank you for your help and I look forward to your answer.

When my violet leaves start to turn yellow I think they may be getting too much sun, so have you tried turning or rotating them? Then, the yellowing usually does occur with the older plants. Unless they are soft and mushy, and appear to be dying, then you don't need to cut them off unless they are simply unsightly. Remember, if you decide to pinch them off then place them in a small cup of water (touching ONLY the stem, not the leaf) and it's possible they will root. Give them 3-4 weeks and if you get several strands of small roots, wait until the strands become really thick and healthy looking, then you can pot them into a good, healthy African Violet potting soil. Don't over-water, but keep moist. Also keep in indirect light. With luck you will have a new plant. Personally, I've only had a few of these be successful, but you won't know if you don't try, so TRY!!!  I hope I answered your question: Don't remove unless the leaves are soft, mushy and also turning brown. This is a sign of dying, so you would definitely want to remove them then, and don't try to root those!
Good luck.

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