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Two of my African violets green leaves have turned very very light green and have white spots on the leaves also. I moved them to bigger pots because they needed it and used all new soil but nothing has changed. They are blossoming but moving them hasn't helped. The blossoms are dark purple but they are starting to look unhealthy too. I don't over water them and I water from the bottom. Never had this problem before. Have had AV for many years. I started to cut off those leaves but want to see what someone would say first.

Beth, I had asked if you could send me a photo, and perhaps you could not I will just take a guess and ask if maybe your plants are getting too much sunlight? That can cause some of the lower leaves to lighten in color  especially now that the weather is getting very warm, the sun is a lot stronger.  As far as the spots, I'm not sure what that could be without seeing a photo. Are you careful to not water with cool water, and not let the water touch the leaves? That can cause spotting on the leaves, even though the spotting from water is not dangerous at all to the plant. Just make sure your plants are not getting too much sun now that it's June, because they are very sensitive to too much heat just as they are sensitive to too much cold  

Violets, African

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