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I have a Dolphin plant it was doing really good lately the leaves have been falling off and it's not looking to good. I have been giving it plant food. I had this plant a long time. It is root bond a little and I have been watering it like I always have, I haven't changed anything. Do you know what could be wrong I really love this plant.

I don't handle other plants, just African violets. However I found this info that might help:  Your plant is more commonly known as a GOLDFISH PLANT. The latin name is Columnea gloriosa and microphylla. It's needs are as follows: It needs bright light/filtered sunlight, an eastern window is great, the light needs to be bright enough that on a nice day you could read a newspaper sitting where the plant sits without additional light; Water Schedule: moderate/allow soil to dry somewhat before watering again, do not allow it to sit in a drain tray full of water, the top inch of soil needs to be dry before you water again; Temperature: 65-75 degrees; Feeding: 1/2 strength water soluable fertilizer such as Miracle Grow every month except January and February. It is a very attractive hanging plants, ideal for indoor baskets or as trailing pot plants. If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck.

Violets, African

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PLEASE LIMIT QUESTIONS TO AFRICAN VIOLETS. I will accept any question or problem relating to African Violets and their care. If I do not know the answer, I will research it for you. PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM FRIDAY NIGHT THROUGH SAT NIGHT AS THIS IS THE JEWISH SABBATH.


I learned about African Violets at the knee of my grandmother, who was born in 1895. I have been raising violets for nearly 30 years, and have helped friends and relatives with growing as well

At the knee of my grandmother.

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