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Violets, African/shriveled small leaves and TONS of blooms


I was stupid an purchased a violet because it was blooming profusely. Got it home, undid the wrapping and discovered the leaves were very tiny and shriveled.  I am sure these beautiful plants were forced to bloom for Easter sales, and were definitely over watered. I cut off the leaves to the core, and soon all of the blooms as well. I  now have a core with stubby stems.  Should I just pitch it and consider it a lesson learned, or is there any chance it can survive and become a healthy plant ?

Jan.  I don't like to see people trash their plants as long as they are green and growing. If you could send me a photo that would be of great help. However, why don't you just keep the plant watered properly and in a good partially sunlit area  and see what develops. You are right about them forcing  spring blooms for holidays. That fools the public, and is wrong. Maybe you can get the plant to come back out for you, just be patient it may take a while.  

Violets, African

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I learned about African Violets at the knee of my grandmother, who was born in 1895. I have been raising violets for nearly 30 years, and have helped friends and relatives with growing as well

At the knee of my grandmother.

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