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Jason wrote at 2015-03-27 02:18:28
The Knilling violin is similar to the E.R. pfreschzner violin,  both are built for the world of student violins they are tough and durable and yes a little bit thicker in the wood however,  this can be helped by installing a bright set of strings, a good tail piece and proper bridge work.    I find helicore strings work well and that dominant strings that so many teachers like on other violins run a bit quiet,  generally what is considered a "bright" string is going to be your best bet,  and also will cost you less which is always good !    a nice wittner tail piece will cost you about 20.00, if it came with a Glasser bow and its in good shape it will be fine.   stay away from a Chinese job unless its a Snow.    your German made violin is a fine piece.


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