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Violin/E.R. Pfretzschner violin


Jason wrote at 2015-03-10 04:11:35
the market is starting to support a higher value to these instruments now that there is a prevalence of cheap Chinese parts.  even factory produced true german violins are starting to come up in value,  I have a Otto Klier from the late 1990's that a violin shop offered to buy for 700.00.   since they would resell it I would probably add about 200.00 to their offer for what its actually worth.    the E.R. is not far behind,  has a little thicker wood ,   but those german violins sound very nice even if they are production student models,  if you put em up against some of todays models Chinese, eastmans ect ect,  the german one sounds better.  really sweet tone if you install a quality bridge and some dominant strings with a wittner tail piece.


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