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Justin wrote at 2015-12-28 04:53:47
To at that the Chinese build better anything better than the Germans let alone Violins is practically blasphemy. The Germams coined the phrase; "made in Germany" while the Chinese coined the phrase; "made in China." I have rarely heard such a ridiculous opinion on a subject.

David Lashof - violin All Expert wrote at 2016-08-03 16:42:33
Justin, Mr Potter is correct. Just being made in Germany does not make it better, just as being made in China doesn't make it bad. Your statement is nothing more than an uneducated racist statement. Violins must be evaluated on their own merits. A lot of instruments, such as a Ficker, are made with inferior woods and workmanship produced mostly by machine, vs. many of the better Chinese instruments and even lower grade ones that are made by hand. Being handmade itself does not make the Chinese instruments better, but often the German made instruments were left heavy in wood and unless a lot of extra work is done on them, they will and cannot sound as good as some of the better Chinese instruments.


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