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We are looking for the perfect piece that will highlight my daughter's talent for the violin in 90 sec.! She has 14 years of classical experience. She wants a mature piece but one that will also be enjoyed by a crowd that essentially knows nothing about violin. A highly technical piece will not be appreciated, but one with a big finish will! Her professors/teachers have not been able to help with this sort of thing. They have steered her toward highly technical pieces that no one but her would truly appreciate. So in a nut shell, she needs a pretty show off piece that she can cut to 90 sec of pure awesome. Suggestions would be helpful!

I would recommend the Monti Czardas; cut the intro and make a cut in the middle to the coda that will get you to 90 seconds.  The piece sounds extremely difficult and showy, but it's very easy to play...just play the coda really fast and everyone will be impressed.  A bonus is that a lot of people who aren't normally familiar with classical music will still recognize the tune.


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