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I inherited a violin from a dear, deceased friend of mine. I am told it is a real Stainer Violin with original case and bow.  Where would I go or whom would I speak with too decide whether it is authentic and its value?

You can take the violin in person to a luthier, who should easily be able to tell you if the instrument is authentic.  If there is not one near to you, then you should take high res photos of the instrument from all angles and close-ups, and email them to a luthier who is willing to offer their opinion.  

I am doubtful about the authenticity of this instrument because musicians with quarter of a million dollar instruments are usually very careful about leaving them properly documented, with other musicians or via auction, and with assurance that they will be played and properly cared for.  However, a copy of a Stainer does not mean it is valueless - it is always worth getting it looked at by a luthier.



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